obamessiah updates: cronies, phonies, strains & studies

poppy bush shares texas stage with obama*
poppy bush shares texas stage with obamapoppy bush & obama celebrate volunteerism*
video: poppy says ‘you may have gotten my ass email’*
video: george w bush to be motivational speaker*
video: powell warned of ‘terror-industrial complex’ in 2007*
video: kerry says it would ‘irresponsible’ for obama to commit more troops to afghanistan right now*
artist admits using other photo for ‘hope’ poster*
obama steps up drone bombings despite civilian deaths*
corruption behind the 2009 nobel peace prize*
video: 1000s protest during obama visit to san fran *
obama threats strain secret service*
secret service strained to protect obama*
undead al-qaeda leader delivers halloween message*
top white house official says obama team ‘controlled’ media coverage during campaign*
obama mind control offensive straight out of unesco eugenics playbook
(‘mass media, family planning & development: country case studies on media strategy‘)*
obama coming to nyc to give thanks for terror bust*
video: is obama poised to cede US sovereignty?*
our republic may end with the stroke of a pen*
video: 7 lies in 2 minutes from candidate obama*

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