obamessiah updates: malthus, healthscare, schools & speeches

when malthusians become messiahs*
when malthusians become messiahsdealing with the secret government*
op-ed: false reports about guns –
cbs & msnbc peddle phony stories about arms, race & violence
video: gun-toter’s pastor prays obama dies of brain cancer*
video: savage says bachmann trying to get obama killed*
zogby: obama approval plummets to 42%*
russian professor: collapse of america could begin in 2 months*
rahm & the dems fishing for a fall comeback*
school kids to get assignment from obama*
white house withdraws call for students to ‘help’ obama*

video: more obama indoctrination going on in schools*
president’s speech at va high school stirs controversy*
obama to deliver healthcare address to congress*
obama to address congress on health-care reform*
video: obama’s congressional speech is ‘desperation’*
lubbock woman sues obama over name: barry soetoro*
video: obama urged to rally support for war*

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    The "lubbock woman sues Obama" link leads to the "Obama to address congress" article FYI.

  2. @PumpUpThaVolume Avatar

    fixed it, thanks! i caught it live during my show today…

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