obamessiah updates: polls, policies & the bow debate

obama popularity below 50% for first time
obama popularity below 50% for first timefrom afp: President Barack Obama’s job approval rating has dipped below 50 percent nationally for the first time, as Americans worry about the war in Afghanistan, a new poll released Wednesday found. The Quinnipiac University poll showed 48 percent of Americans approve of the way Obama is handling his job as president, compared to 42 percent who disapprove. The president also scored low marks from Americans on his handling of the situation in Afghanistan, with just 38 percent saying they approved of his approach, but a majority did say it was the “right thing” for US troops to be in the country.

poll: US likes obama personally but not his policies*
In US, 12mn illegal immigrants may gain legal status*
white house plan on immigration includes legal status*
amnesty urges obama to ‘redouble’ efforts over guantanamo*
top white house lawyer resigns*
who was greg craig?*
obama’s deep bow in japan causes debate*
video: obama bends to japanese royalty*
contrast: 46 other world leaders did not bow to japanese emperor*
video: michael moore says democrats’ healthcare bill is giveaway to insurance industry*
video: obama critic rev. mannings says dhs visited him*
1000s throng to palin as she begins book tour*
video: gop state senator casts obama as a terrorist*

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