Occult Significance of Columbia

occult significance of columbia

Blogger Robert Livingstone offers observations on February 1, 2003 Shuttle Columbia disaster, in belief, there are occult ties. Livingstone begins his entry,CANDLE MAS – THE COLUMBIA DISASTER – 33 is Signature Number, Triangle is Signature Symbol, with a check of occult calender (PDF here) …the New Moon, Feb. 1st, the Illuminati sacrificial week of “Imbolg”, or Candle mas (a mass of candles – a festival of light that pierces the gloom of winter), the halfway point between winter and spring. This disaster is symbolic of the “disintegration” of America (Columbia) just as the Columbine tragedy symbolized the “severing” of America. Columbia is the Moon Goddess of the Illuminati.” Numerology is deeply intertwined with all facets of tragedy and Livingstone does excellent job illustrating, e.g., “we get the usual ‘cut off communications’ just before the disaster. It was the 113th Shuttle flight (11,13) in 22 years (2×11). It was Columbia’s 28th flight with 7 victims. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7=28.” There is also a rhetorical question: “In the secret symbolic language of the Mysteries, is America (Columbia) sacrificed for Israel (Palestine)? Does it mean that America and Israel will ‘disintegrate’ together for the New World Order?” Livingstone draws this inference from Columbia’s break-up over Palestine, TX and first Jewish citizen astronaut onboard, Ilan Ramon. Livingstone notes close proximity of dates,…Apollo 1 exploded on Jan. 27, 1967. The Challenger exploded on Jan, 28, 1986. Columbia broke up on Feb. 1, 2003,” implying all were sacrifices in observance of Imbolg! Livingstone believes intent of the moon missions to be an “…indoctrination into Illumination on a grand scale…the point…the alchemical transformation of humanity.”

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