odd legal move by jerry sandusky

odd legal move by jerry sandusky

Was Jerry Sandusky forgetting, he's no longer in front of cameras for football? "We fully intend to put together the best possible defense that we can do, to stay the course, to fight for 4 quarters. We want the opportunity to present our side," Sandusky to media as reported in a TMZ.com brief. There are legal experts whose opinions fall on either side of Sandusky's decision to waive preliminary hearing. Reuters headline, "Analysis: Waiving hearing was Sandusky's best option: experts," leans heavily towards waiver as a signal open to plea bargain, even if only later? Another TMZ.com article, "Jerry Sandusky's Legal Move Worst Strategy Ever," condemns missed opportunities at a hearing for chances victim's testimony might contradict prior statements. One legal expert offered his own coaching tip in article, "'waiving the preliminary hearing is like laying down on the field for the first half of the game'". The choice to confront one's accusers, would be obvious one if Jerry Sandusky's defense is primary concern - but is it?

It's fitting irony best legal commentary on case is at ESPN website. Lester Munson, Chicago lawyer and ESPN staff writer, breaks down legal issues in "Odd legal move by Jerry Sandusky". Munson hints at early communication with reference to "20-to-40 years", reveals only source could be prosecution. The ESPN writer indicates belief, defense will opt for trial by judge. Also, a "no contest" plea by Sandusky, Munson suggests, "...would allow a negotiated settlement of the criminal charges without giving anything away on the civil lawsuits". Munson concludes choice to waive hearing, is major capitulation and sees unorthodox defense moves as possible in this case. The linked video in artcle is a must view.

Is media management overwhelming goal of today's legal decision? Amendola already stated next court date will not be in January, but more likely, early March. You have to first ask, "why allow any client on national media prior to legal proceedings?" A second question is, "why deny any client their legal right to confront their accusers even if the testimony is painful?" The fate of Jerry Sandusky doesn't seem, by all appearances, to be the primary concern? The present writer wonders if Sandusky prepared to take fall for his team--clients and donors of Second Mile charity?

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