olbermann: bush creating ‘embryonic police state’

from raw replay: The Justice Department wants to revise the federal government’s rules for intelligence-gathering by state and local police making it easier to share anything they find about U.S. citizens with the federal government and then letting them retain that information for a decade. This video is from MSNBC’s Countdown, broadcast August 18, 2008.

olbermann should take obama to task for fisa betrayal
from kurt nimmo: Earlier this week, Keith Olbermann complained about FISA and the Justice Department’s proposed changes on domestic snooping. It was nice to hear Olbermann excoriate the government for creating an “embryonic police state,” never mind this sucker is beyond gestation and growing in our midst like a tenacious weed…

Olbermann showed his real colors. He said the next president — assumed to be Obama, as Olbermann is a Democrat — will be saddled with Bush’s intelligence “embryo.” Keith made it sound like Obama disapproves and the already long established and well developed snoop state apparatus will be a yoke around his neck. In fact, Obama voted in the Senate for the current FISA bill, to the chagrin of no shortage of Democrats, many now finally coming around and realizing there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans and if you turn ‘em upside down they all look alike.

Under Democrat Lyndon Johnson, the snoop state flourished, from COINTELPRO to the CIA’s Operation CHAOS and beyond. “At this time, there was an impression given to the intelligence community of ‘get the job done’ regardless of the methods,” writes Major Kevin G. Donaleski, USMC.

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