Olympic Terror Attack to Cover Up Libor Scandal?

A message to Steve Quayle by a retired Brigadier General chills the mind. The retired general, signing only Greg, admits what he writes is “way out there,” but to jaded readers it seems another whiff of our present reality! The writer makes a detailed account of his suspicions, beginning with circumstances that led to 9/11. The comparison reads as a predicament for ruling oligarchs, who need a quick fix to exit their present dilemma.  It’s an astonishing account – unable to absorb all its dense complexity – but principal issues are missing gold and a broken system that needs to be shredded, so nothing remains that could indict them.  These top two issues would be solved – if a terrorist bombing destroyed everything:  “1) The theft of the allocated gold would be covered up. ‘We’re sorry, all that stored gold we had for you
was destroyed in the blast.’  [and] 2) The LIBOR scandal goes away
(all records destroyed)…. along with the current London Banking system.
A new system will arise with the same leadership at the top.”
  The above You Tube video already suspected by 2010 a false flag event for 2012 Olympics. The writer throws in a little history on day following opening Olympic ceremony of July 28th or the 9th of AV (Jewish calendar), if you haven’t read enough already to frighten you?

Our retired general keys on reference to William Blake’s poem, New Jerusalem“London Olympic Opening Ceremony Artistic
Director Danny Boyle labeled the ceremony a reflection of “our green and
pleasant land”—a reference to the song ‘Jerusalem’ —-famously sung
in the movies Chariots of Fire and also sung at Prince William’s
wedding. The song uses the words of William Blake’s poem, which
suggests the new Jerusalem would be in England….”

Greg continues “so why the reference to Jerusalem?”  The general lists in intricate detail what he sees transpiring:

“1. The Olympic opening ceremonies begin on the evening of Friday, 27 July (right after the markets in the US close and with the European and Asian markets having closed hours earlier). The ceremonies end in the early morning of 28 July…or the 9th of Av in the Jewish calendar….although the 9th doesn’t officially start until sundown.

2. The 9th of Av (as you know) is the day Solomon’s Temple was destroyed in 586 BC. It is the day the second Temple was destroyed in 70 AD. It is also the day of the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492. It is a day of mourning.

3. On the “illuminati card” the time on the clock that is falling is 11:11. 1-1-1-1. Day one, one hour, one minute, one second into the ceremony?

4. Or, since the 9th of Av doesn’t officially start until sundown on the 28th, does the attack come (in Blake’s new Jerusalem) one day later when all the dignitaries are gone?”

The present writer is beating on last alternative or day after dignitaries have left on the 9th of Av!  Big Ben has been renamed Elizabeth Tower and leaves a reader to wonder if the Queen will also be collateral damage to make more complete a transition to a new system – New World Order?  It seems appropriate to remind reader here and end this entry with the last stanza from New Jerusalem:

“I will not cease from mental fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
Till we have built Jerusalem
In England’s green and pleasant land.”

The present writer can only offer a slack-jawed “Wow!”

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