Olympus Mons Is How Tall?

Olympus Mons Is How Tall?The highest peak on planet Earth is Mount Everest but Olympus Mons is three times as high! The Martian Chronicles ask the question and provide facts to get familiar with geography on our nearest planet. Who knows? The space race going profit-minded private, combined with terraforming, you may yet scale with Sherpa guides at your side to the top of Mars? It’ll be the story of stories to take home as Olympus Mons stands 16.7 miles from base to summit! The mountain actually rises above the Martian atmosphere.

In another article, “Shield Volcanos,” The Martian Chronicles provides one possible explanation how Olympus Mons may have risen so high? Shield Volcanos are a type of volcano categorized by their broad and convex shape like a shield. One third gravity and lacking tectonic activity on Mars allows forces to remain at one spot rather than sliding across the surface as on Earth.

An alternate view of Olympus Mons provided by thunderbolts.info, the website accounts for the formation based upon belief electrical activity plays a central role and see a resemblance to a “lightning blister“. The present writer believes attempts to terraform and commercialize Mars, will come sooner than expected and before we know the reason why Olympus Mons rises nearly 17 miles above the Martian surface.

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