oswald’s wallet, frame 313 & the dictabelt

the tale of the two wallets
the tale of the two walletsfrom george bailey: [A]fter Oswald is arrested at the movie theater he refused to identify himself. After searching him, his wallet is retrieved, containing an ID for Lee H. Oswald and a second ID for the Alek Hidell alias. Here comes the rub. Back at the Tippet murder scene the wallet is now in the hands of Dallas police captain W. R. Westbrook. FBI agent Robert M. Barrett appears and is asked by Westbrook if he knows whom Lee Oswald or Alek Hidell is. Apparently Capt. Westbrook examined the contents. Barrett says no. You would think this would be a damning piece of evidence to put Oswald away for the Tippet murder, but that is not the case. The wallet seems to fade in out of the story. Barrett does not report this incident in his official FBI report but does tell James Hosty when he is writing his book (Assignment: Oswald, 1966) about the details of his visit to the murder scene and being asked about Oswald/Hidell.

‘frame 313: the jfk assassination theories’
from hartford courant: This documentary sets out five theories about who killed President Kennedy, including the Warren Commission conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. It doesn’t promote a conspiracy-based alternative, though after hearing about evidence assembled by the 1977-79 congressional investigation, plus claims of CIA and/or Mafia involvement from various authorities, it’s almost impossible to believe there wasn’t more to it than Oswald. There are any number of people who claim knowledge of, or even involvement in, the plot. There’s even a guy in prison who says he shot Kennedy from the grassy knoll. I was aware of the gist of these other theories (which all involve the CIA or Mafia or both) but not the details. This is an immensely interesting, informative, provocative movie.

5 things you didn’t know: jfk assassination
5 things you didn't know: jfk assassinationfrom askmen.com: It’s not uncommon for death to be good business, but in the case of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, it has become an industry unto itself. And what’s easy to overlook as you click through the phenomenal amount of information concerning the event – such as the locales, films and nonsense conspiracy theories — is that a man lost his life in a brutal manner. That said, and with the recent discovery of files related to the assassination by the Dallas County D.A.’s office, we felt it was time to uncover five things you didn’t know about the JFK assassination…

1- Woody Harrelson’s father was an informal suspect
2- The public first saw the assassination footage 12 years after the shooting
3- 32 cameras were in Dealey Plaza
4- Before 9/11, it was the longest uninterrupted news event in TV history
5- At least one bystander was wounded

what if rfk had survived?
from arthur schlesinger jr: Yet his memory haunts us still – his memory and the sense that things might have been different had he lived. Five books about him have recently been or are soon to be published. His face on the television screen evokes poignant feelings of loss. Radicals remember him as the last hope of traditional politics; liberals mourn a lost leader; some conservatives now even claim him as one of their own.

remastermind: dictaphone pro helps refine jfk recording
the remastermind: dictaphone expert helps refine JFK recordingfrom corvallis gazette times: It has been 45 years since Bill McWilliams first became immersed in the continuing investigation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. “I was right in the middle of it all,” he says. He still is, in his own way. From his home in North Albany, McWilliams works with engineers at the Lawrence Livermore National Loboratory in California, trying to determine the exact number of shots fired in Dallas, Texas on Nov. 22, 1963.

author sees ‘redemptive violence’ at work in jfk’s death
author sees 'redemptive violence' at work in JFK's deathfrom abilene reporter news: Catholic peace activist Jim Douglass of Birmingham, Ala., believes in conspiracy theories, including the Big Daddy of them all — the conspiracy to kill President John F. Kennedy. “There is no mystery as to how and why and by whom he was assassinated,” Douglass said. And he’s not referring to Lee Harvey Oswald, who he believes was framed as the assassin by the Central Intelligence Agency. Kennedy’s enemies were covert operatives in his own government, Douglass alleges. “He was killed by a high-level national security state organized by the CIA,” he said. “He was not carrying out what his national security state wanted.”

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