outside the box #124

here is the latest episode of “outside the box,” hosted by alex ansary.
it was originally broadcast by portland community media on october 18, 2007.

from alex ansary: Tonight Alex shares some footage that he captured during Topoff 4, which took place in Portland, Phoenix, and Guam. This particular event in Portland features some interesting questions that Alex asked at the press conferences concerning Vigilant Shield 08 and the possibility of military law enforcement in the case of a disaster. You will also see the mock victims of the dirty bomb attack playing their roles with enthusiasm. The event was a memory of a lifetime.

michael chertoff visits topoff 4 exercise

here is an exclusive video from alex ansary: Topoff 4 took place at multiple locations in the Portland Metro area, as well as Phoenix, AR and Guam. In this clip, Mr. Chertoff visits David Douglas High School where 1100 teenagers volunteered to take part in this anti-terrorism exercise. The basketball court has been turned into a Rapid Screening Point (RSP) which is a temporary facility for high production screening of individuals with non-acute symptoms who are potentially ill or exposed to a harmful substance. Later, a press conference with Michael Chertoff, Mayor Tom Potter and the Governor takes place.

Alex Ansary was fortunate enough to get his question in first (at 23:23) which pertained to the strange nature of nearly a dozen major war games happening around the world and asked Chertoff when the American people would be told about the situation with China and Russia. (note: Mic was only on Chertoff, sorry). This question is quickly dismissed, but is later followed by an excellent question from Ginny Ross from the Oregon Truth Alliance about the drills that took place on 9/11. Steve Keller, another concerned reporter, asked the panel about the possible use of private military contractors in the exercise or in future law enforcement locally. In general ,Chertoff pushed the message of a never ending terror threat in nearly all of his responses to the press.

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