outside the box #199-202

here are the latest episodes of “outside the box,” hosted by alex ansary & originally broadcast by portland community media

outside the box #199 [apr23]

outside the box #200 [apr30]

from vodpod: This is the 200th edition of Outside the Box. Alex Ansary covers the recent swine flu developments before a live studio audience and later talks to survivalist and author Matthew Stein about natural herbs that help boost the immune system, home preparedness, and building up a basic grab and go bag. Later he takes questions and comments from the audience.

outside the box #201 [may7]

from vodpod: Alex kicks off OTB edition 201 with a fresh stack of news along with another good blend of short videos visually describing the strange world we all live in. Some of the topics include: China cutting the United States off from its debt credit card, the latest Swine Flu developments, and ways that the military is going after the minds of our children. Enjoy.

outside the box #202

'outside the box' on oracle broadcastingplus you can always get the latest episodes of “outside the box” on the oracle broadcasting network

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