Mad Memes: James Evan Pilato on ‘OYM Radio’

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oymradio_jamesevanJames Evan Pilato of Media Monarchy joined Alan and Steven on Open Your Mind Radio to talk about filling the swamp, weaponized memes and a cashless society.


Adobe’s ‘Photoshop For Audio’ Is Unbelievable

Trump’s new lobbying rules could ‘drain the swamp.’ But they may be illegal and are porous

Trump FIRES 500 Obama Staffers?

Meme definition

Atlas Shrugged (film series)

Lindsey Graham: “I Miss George W. Bush! I Wish He Was President Right Now!”

Morrissey: Trump-shifters of the World Unite

Watch Kanye West Call Out Beyonce and Jay Z, Abruptly End Concert: “…even at the risk of my own life…Jay Z, I know you got killers…”

Cashless Society: India Bans Currency Notes Sparking Chaos At Banks

National Irish moves to cashless banking

‘Personal Services’ (1987 film)

Sweden leads the race to become cashless society

Waiting for midnight, hungry families on food stamps give Walmart ‘enormous spike’

#UnfollowFriday for the MSM this #BlaackFriday

United WE Strike

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