pacific northwest grocery stores setting up fake farmers markets

pacific northwest grocery stores setting up fake farmers marketsfrom grist: Without a doubt, farmers markets have got a good thing growing. Unfortunately, sneaky copycats have been cropping up as they try to get their paws on the green that comes with that success. In June, Safeway supermarkets in Seattle set up stacks of fruits and veggies outside of their own stores with signs announcing a “Farmers Market.” The mangos on display, however, didn’t stack up with Washington weather and pressure from local groups prompted the stores to change the posters to read “Outdoor Market” instead.

The grocery stores may argue, what’s in a name? But they know exactly what’s in a name: a popular cash flow. And something about an important reconnection with how our food is grown, blah blah, wah wah.

The Wall Street Journal takes note of the trend:

About 200 Albertsons stores in Washington, Oregon and Idaho put up their own ‘Farmers Market’ signs next to their produce stands. The same groups complained to local Albertsons managers about the promotions, but a spokesman for the chain’s owner, Supervalu Inc., said the Albertson stores may repeat them in the future if the chain deems them effective … Supervalu spokesman Mike Siemienas said the Albertson signs were justified because all the produce advertised came from local farmers.”

However, just because you walk into a farmers market without a grocery chain backdrop, don’t start feeling complacent. The “farmers” themselves may be serving you a side of local bullsh*t with their bald-faced brocco-lies, as an investigation in LA found.

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