Paleofuture: A Look Back to Retro-Futures

Matt Novak, editor of Paleofuture magazine, finds interesting images from the past with a view to the future! Jean-Marc Cote, a French artist, was commissioned in 1899 to produce a deck of cards to depict life in the year 2000, as a French celebration of the 20th Century. A single deck of cards was ever produced due to the company going out of business. Novak finds a book by Isaac Asimov, “‘Futuredays is a card-by-card analysis of these retro-futuristic artifacts and does a wonderful job of putting them into historical context for modern readers.” The present writer sees these art forms as very interesting on a psychological level. Novak collects items from the past categorized by decade dating back to the 1870s. There is even Paleofuture TV. It’s good stuff. The present writer wonders only, if Novak represents a paleofuturist or would digging up items from the past about the future be a paleofuture archaeologist?

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