pandemic response plan: let elderly, sick & poor die

pandemic response plan: let elderly, sick & poor diefrom global research: The Bush-Cheney administration’s Department of Homeland Security, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have collectively set guidelines that recommend – in the event of a “pandemic” or mass crisis – that the elderly, the sick, the severely injured, and the poor will be denied life-saving medical treatment.

Details are discussed in this Associated Press report: Who should MDs let die in a pandemic?

The proposed guidelines, meant to serve as a blueprint to be followed by hospitals across the country, specifically recommends that the those deemed at “higher risk of death” with a “slimmer chance of survival” will be denied services and “scarce resources”, as dictated by designated officials.

Specifically, those who will be denied help include people who are:

* older than 85,

* suffering from severe trauma, which include injuries from crashes and shootings,

* severely burned,

* suffering from mental impairment (Alzheimer’s disease), and

* suffering from chronic diseases, including lung, heart, and diabetes

In other words, the most disadvantaged will be left to die.

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