Pastor Says ‘Devil’ Motivated Him to Ask a Woman for Sex at Super 8 Hotel

from A North Carolina pastor who got caught by police after he propositioned a woman for sex by throwing a $20 bill at her at a Super 8 hotel said the devil made him do it. Officers told Channel 9 that pastor Robert Harris of Harriett Memorial Baptist Church in Forest City, N.C., that the man of God said he thought the woman was a prostitute when he made vulgar requests of her. Harris reportedly revealed to police that he had counseled a couple at the hotel 10 years ago and had come to the hotel for sex before. After the revelation, however, he plans on making a big confession to his congregation about what he did. According to the woman, who asked to remain unidentified, pastor Harris approached her while she was at the hotel last Tuesday night and said, “He asked me if I wanted to have some fun.

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