patriot act renewed by senate

sen. wyden of oregon and sen. byrd of west virginia are 2 of the only 10 senators who voted against the renewal of the patriot act…

from the new york times: Senators voting against the bill today, besides Mr. Feingold and Mr. Jeffords, were Akaka of Hawaii, Bingaman of New Mexico, Byrd of West Virginia, Harkin of Iowa, Leahy of Vermont, Levin of Michigan, Murray of Washington and Wyden of Oregon.
The ACLU expressed deep disappointment with today’s vote. “The Patriot Act contains too many intrusive powers that lack meaningful checks and balances… debate is far from over: secret record searches must be reformed so they are focused on suspected foreign terrorists and not used to invade the private records of ordinary Americans. Congress can, and must, take steps to fix the Patriot Act to keep America both safe and free.”

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