peace revolution: episode008 – parrhesia

a curriculum for intellectual self-defense
peace revolution: episode008 - parrhesiafrom peace revolution: Episode 008 contains an invitation to participate in the Tragedy and Hope Community; A fear-free zone of mutual respect, where individual exploration(s) are shared to empower subscribers with cooperative understanding. click here for the invitation link! (It doesn’t cost anything to pay attention and become a trial-member, as this is where the Comprehensive Conscious Curriculum is being released.)

**Alternate link for Peace Revolution Podcast and our new video series “What You’ve Been Missing” can be found here:

Interested in learning more? If you listen to the first 7 episodes of Peace Revolution in sequential order, episode 8 will make a lot more sense!


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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Disapointing you have to go through all that sign up and wait for approval to hear the podcast. I wont be joining their site, cant afford the truth I guess.

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