pentagon video in the nick of time for midterms?

pentagon video in the nick of time for midterms?from kurt nimmo: “The much anticipated release of the Doubletree Hotel security video that has been speculated it will show a Boeing 757 hitting the Pentagon is due to be released by one week from today,” writes the blogger Killtown. “So how much do you want to bet that this Doubletree Hotel security video will be released before this Tuesday (election day) to ’shock & awe’ the voters in hopes to sway the elections, especially if this video finally shows a plane hitting the Pentagon?”

If I was a betting man, I’d bet the farm on it.

However, simply releasing a five plus year old video with a predictable corporate media broadside taking “conspiracy nuts” to task, thus questioning their patriotism and even sanity, and suggesting Republicans were right all along about those cave-dwelling Muslims with their boxcutters, may not be enough to flip the election and keep the House and Senate in neocon hands.

As Killtown points out, “four days before the [2004] elections, the first video of bin Laden publicly taking credit for 9/11 which boosted Bush’s poll ratings in Ohio which lead to him being re-elected.” Indeed, after the video was aired, according to the Telegraph, Bush “opened a six-point lead over John Kerry…. If the trend is confirmed by other polls, Mr Bush may have his greatest enemy to thank for helping him secure another four years in the White House after the appearance of the video sparked a sharp final round of argument over which candidate can best defeat terrorism.” Of course, a little vote fraud in Ohio sure the heck didn’t hurt.

It would seem, as well, the Osama in the “October Surprise” video had plastic surgery, specifically to make sure he did not resemble the real Osama, who died nearly three years before the fake Osama went before the camera. Compare the Osamas on this page and decide for yourself.

A blurry security camera video shot from atop the Doubletree Hotel will be a shade better than the ludicrous video frames released in May, a pathetic effort lauded by the corporate media as a bold finale putting to rest once and all conspiracy theories about what hit the Pentagon. No doubt, as well, this latest effort, promised by the FBI and the suspicious Judicial Watch to be released no later than November 9th, will be heralded as conclusive evidence the aerobatic Hani Hanjour, who had trouble controlling and landing the Cessna 172, executed a flawless, 500 miles per hour maneuver of a Boeing 757 into the Pentagon.

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