pharmawater, superweed & hr20: mental screening for mom

tons of released drugs taint US water*
tons of released drugs taint US waterdrugmakers, water pollution, and another ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy*
high-fructose corn syrup beverages linked to heart risks*
sprouting seeds for health*
video: new frugality: the organic gardener*
‘superweed’ explosion threatens monsanto heartlands*
hr20, new mother’s mandated mental health test passes house*
hr20, mothers act opens up state control over family planning*
mother’s act: mandatory screening of moms for depression is like a bad movie rerun*
injuries & deaths caused by medications skyrocket 38%*
food, inc*
west is told to expect water shortfalls*
video: population reduction 2012*
fema approves individual assistance program*
idf soldiers forced to take part in medical experiment*
more spices recalled in salmonella scare*
global warming culprits: cars & … cows*
worried about climate change? fix obesity*
a slim chance to combat global warming*
global warming: it’s fat people’s fault*
obesity as a cause of global warming?*
fat people blamed for global warming*
rearing cattle produces more greenhouse gases than driving cars, un report warns*
livestock a major threat to environment*
cow ’emissions’ more damaging to planet than co2 from cars*
17yr olds to gain access to ‘plan b’ pill*
‘plan b’ for 17yr olds*
more kids get shots after school crackdown
[meaning they were kicked out for not complying to a law that doesn’t exist]*
eternal dumbshine of the drugless mind:
treating addiction by eliminating drug-associated memories
agent orange exposure tied to prostate cancer return*
green eggs & plastic:
why organic food uses so much enviro-unfriendly plastic
jim carrey: we still don’t know if vaccines are safe*

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