Phoenix Lights still talk of town 15 years later

Phoenix Lights still talk of town 15 years later

Dr Lynn Kitei sustains interest in the Phoenix Lights mass sighting of March 13, 1997 with her book and video. A recent Kitei interview by a local Arizona station, covering International UFO Congress from Feb 22 – Feb 26, is available here. Kitei affirms while signing books, “it’s hotter than ever.” An article of an anonymous pilot’s account, provides fascinating record of events. The pilot related several strange events from evening, including different voices on her frequency, military flare shot up just off plane’s wing and a close flyby of a fighter jet! The pilot clearly felt an effort to intimidate was made that night. The article appeared in UFO magazine on page 37 for 10th anniversary, “Two Witnesses Look Back at the Phoenix Lights.” The present writer leans towards a black project, especially, in light of, little concern communicated from government sources!

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    Could someone I don't know, uh, go down to the location nd investigate? Or would that be science fiction?

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