police state int’l: crowd control, drills & behavior detection

don’t be alarmed by black helicopters over san fernando valley*
don't be alarmed by black helicopters over san fernando valleypneumonic plague drill held in illinois*
sound weapons for vancouver police*
china conducts nuclear emergency exercise*
india holds maritime drill to prevent another 11/26*
flashback: coordinated carnage in mumbai; 145 dead*
indian mall owners told to beef security arrangements*
uk to ‘spy’ on every phone call, email & web search*
wto sees need for ‘right global governance’ to meet global challenges*
dhs readies plan to track foreigners flying from US*
at US airports, tsa officers covertly monitor travelers’ behavior*
flashback: tsa performing emotional screening of passengers*
detroit councilmen carry guns for safety*
chicago kids arrested for food fight*
govt will pay $3m in coffee table spying suit*

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