police state int’l: exercises, excessive force & covert networks

military looks to upgrade its super spy blimps*
military looks to upgrade its super spy blimpschicago police officers accused of forcing man to pose for photo during g20*
georgia tech police dept adds 8 man swat team*
as ‘vigilant guard’ rages on, public info meeting on tonawanda, ny drills*
kansas, oklahoma officials plan ‘stop livestock movement’ exercise oct22*
oklahoma guard & military train for attack*
military trains for terrorist attack on intl health summit*
video: the tsa took my baby away*
‘oath keepers’ pledges to prevent dictatorship in US*
video: pensacola cop runs down boy on bike, threatens to confiscate cell phone videos*
high-speed chase ends when onstar halts stolen suv*
court to fbi: no spying on in-car computers*
ssh… your conversation may be bugged by a cyborg beetle*
massachusetts man charged with planning terror attacks on malls*
massachusetts man arrested on terrorism charges*
fbi says massachusetts man sought terrorist training, plotted attacks*
no charges in uk torch shining case: man aimed flashlight at surveillance chopper*
virginia man arrested for making coffee in own home while naked*
secret files reveal covert network run by uk nuclear police*
troop use after samson, alabama shootings illegal*
video: ‘iwatch’ stasi-like citizen program spy on your neighbor*

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