police state intl: final phase, fear, flyovers & the 4th of july

red alert: the total takeover of america enters its final phase*
red alert: the total takeover of america enters its final phaserecent murders don’t sway napolitano on dhs report*
napolitano endorses pass id bill*
verified identity pass shuts down ‘registered traveler’ lanes*
hr1966: thought crime bills threaten talk radio*
talk show hosts may be accomplices under hate bill*
video: 1,500 nat’l guard troops to border*
pentagon, dhs divided on military’s role at border*
new york times hypes border violence by ‘rogue militia’*
employer online monitoring meets resistance*
spies in the classroom: the govt is running a secretive intel recruitment program in schools*
nypd to get another $10m to help city protect itself against dirty bombs*
fema & israeli defense force heads meet to discuss ’emergency management issues’*
unfinished business at fema: a national preparedness perspective*
id cards for india: 1 billion citizens will go into 2nd largest citizens’ database*
2 atf arrests awaken theories of conspiracy*
harrisburg chapter of naacp urges martial law*
controversial ‘jena six’ case ends with deal*
the cover charge at this club? an rfid implant*
mtv star heidi montag: over my dead body would i take a microchip*
hollywood gossip sites waste no time smearing montag & pratt*
homeland security & US army plan invasion of states?*
blackhawk helicopters buzz downtown los angeles in military exercise*
attack helicopter ‘flyover’ on 4th of july*
4th of july checkpoints in california, god bless amerika!*

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