police state int’l: the g20 crackdown & occupying US

military attacks US citizens with sound weapons & tear gas at g20*
military attacks american citizens with sound weapons & tear gas at g20video: orwellian militarized police state in pittsburgh*
g20 protesters in pittsburgh hit with ‘oc vapor & smoke’*
security nerve center established at secret spot for g20*
ny gov announces natl guard support for g20 meeting*
lebanon, penn guardsmen on g20 duty*
soldiers & sailors conference allows organizers to vent about g20*
terror probe puts US mass transit systems on alert*
terror probe widens in US*
media hypes terror plot, despite no one charged with terror*
video: fbi terror alert: police warned to patrol hotels, stadiums & subways*
US indicts denver man in bombing conspiracy*
nyc terror plot suspect charged with conspiracy to detonate bombs*
afghan immigrant charged with conspiracy to use wmd*
illinois man charged in plot to bomb federal offices*
US troops now occupying america*
US troops now occupying americamissouri state rep dixon opposes closing miac*
only 3 of 763 patriot act ‘sneak-and-peek’ requests in fy2008 involved ‘terror’*
american police force: web sites offer hints about jail company*
‘panamax 2009’ tests pandemic outbreak in exercise*
fort knox tests mettle during mock attack*
military to conduct air assault training into troy, tenn*
marines train in kentucky: urban exercises in advance of deployment*
newly declassified files detail massive fbi data-mining project*
uk billboards equipped with license plate spycams*
law shielding cops faces court challenge*
video: spycam catches cops playing wii during raid*
video: fbi looking for ‘anti-govt’ perp in death of census worker*
online conspiracy theorists latch onto census gps units*
video: utah rep refuses tsa shakedown*

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