police state int’l: g20, fake terror & american police force

gore vidal says we’ll have a dictatorship soon in the US*
gore vidal says we'll have a dictatorship soon in the USg20 began amid massive police presence & protests*
video: police intimidate, assault students at uni of pittsburgh*
videos: g20 police break up assembly at uni of pittsburgh*
lrad mounted on truck terrorizes pittsburgh residents*
more video of lrad used against demonstrators*
sonic warfare erupts in pittsburgh, honduras*
video from g20 corporate media will never show you*
bbc video reveals police violence at g20*
military police kidnap g20 protester, put into unmarked car*
neo-cons claim g20 abduction video is ‘fake’*
provocateur cops caught disguised as anarchists at g20*
provocateur cops caught disguised as anarchists at g20military riot thugs detain, dehumanize & torture american citizens*
robocops come to pittsburgh*
video: g20 protesters ordered to stand trial*
a sudden outbreak of domestic terror threats*
US officials worry about homegrown terrorism plots*
patsy arrested with fbi-supplied explosives in dallas bomb plot*
terrorism suspect pleads not guilty, held without bail*
fbi-stung terrorist targeted dallas office tower where cia agent/county gop chairman works*
portable pain weapon may end up in police hands*
2 dozen guns, tnt & anti-tank launcher found w/ neo-nazi father & son … but it’s not terrorism?*
tsa to expand use of body scanners*
secret surveillance vehicle hits staten island to crack down on quality-of-life crimes*
without warrants, police use trackers to follow suspects in richmond*
ohio senate affirms state sovereignty*
video: montana town occupied by private paramilitary security force: apf is a ‘shady outfit shrouded in suspicion’*
paramilitary force to boss internment camp in montana*
hard-luck montana town pushes to house gitmo detainees*
exposed: ‘american police force’ is a blackwater front group*
blackwater claims apf illegally using logos & material*
video: jack blood interviews ‘american police force’*

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    New York man accused of using Twitter to direct protesters during G20 summit.


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