police state int’l: nanny state, lockdowns, drills & disinfo

dread zeppelin: the army’s new surveillance blimp*
dread zeppelin: the army's new surveillance blimpchp encourages residents to report out-of-state license plates*
fema website shows martial law exercise, nle ’09, with foreign troops*
atlanta airport tests security program*
mueller defends use of informants against newburgh 4*
gps shoes being developed for alzheimer’s patients*
video: police lockdown ny school, search lockers & impound cars after student commits suicide*
uptown explosion just a military exercise in charlotte, nc*
video: spokane valley activists pushing for disincorporation*
uk mobile scanner could detect guns*
path stations in ny to take part in security screening pilot with the tsa*
urbandale, iowa man dies from bean bag rounds*
video: fbi investigates ‘anti-government’ gun range in washington*
georgia student convicted of dc terror plot*
georgia man convicted for videotaping ‘potential terrorism targets’ in dc*
family’s pet chihuahua tasered, shot dead by police in cincinnati*
heated debate, but no vote on creating awol haven in bellingham*
texan grandma sues over stun gun*
cia & pentagon deploy rfid ‘death chips’ – coming soon to a product near you!*
uk pupils to be taught ‘how to think’ in gcse-style course*
video: london police accused of waterboarding suspects*
‘robocop’ gadget developed for uk police*

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