police state int’l: plans, provocateurs & the ‘peacemaker’

fema says: september is national preparedness month
(just don’t tell new orleans)
fema says: september is national preparedness month (just don't tell new orleans)ghost troop warns of ‘vigiliant guard’ peril*
‘thunderbolt’ exercises for fema:
‘no notice’ events loom
‘vigilant guard’ quake drill set for tonawanda, ny*
montana ‘vigilant guard’ 2009*
fort lee, virginia training to protect solders & families*
northcom interoperability brief*
saic awarded contract to support dhs & fema*
video: dhs/fema’s napolitano/fugate unveil new propaganda psa’s*
crime after crime: homeland security used to investigate bank robbery*

video: elderly couple forced into state custody*
preparing for a riot: tx agencies receive crowd-control training*
splc’s second wave of fearmongering*
a primer on ‘martial law’*
provocateurs at ‘end the fed’ rally?*
video: security goon crushes free speech: ‘this ain’t america no more’*
batten down the hatches: newport beach gets ‘peacemaker’ apc*

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