police state int’l: skills, drills, dissent & detention

new york drill for possible nuke war*
new york drill for possible nuke warterror drill: ‘new york, you have a problem’*
georgia security drill next week expected to slow down ft gordon traffic*
training by military/civilian police from colorado/texas builds skills at peterson afb*
wisconsin fire dept & army team up for hazmat drill*

video: massachusettes police depts get heavy artillery*

admin plans to replace controversial real id initiative*
unmanned blimps: the new spy in the sky*
defense department sees protests as terrorism*
dod training manual describes protest as ‘low-level terrorism’*
pentagon multiple choice: dissenting americans are terrorists*
nc state student accused of creating a ‘monster’*
nc state student accused of creating a 'monster'nc ‘highway monster artist’ faces charges over sculpture*
traffic cone monster has artist in a jam*
mcmenacing? denver cop pulls out pistol after fast food is slow*
email surveillance renews concerns in congress*
holder urges congress to pass ‘hate crimes’ legislation*
proposed new law would let canadian police snoop on what you do online*
green nazis: environmentalism in the 3rd reich*
man dead after 28 tasers by australian police*
‘outraged’ former aussie cop says tasers can kill*
uk court allows first juryless criminal trial*
aclu & ron paul sue tsa over ‘illegal’ detention*

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