police state technocracy run amok

the pentagon’s electronic warfare program
the pentagon's electronic warfare programfrom global research: In 2003, then Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld signed a document called the Information Operation Roadmap Information Operation Roadmap which outlined, among other things, the Pentagon’s desire to dominate the entire electromagnetic spectrum. If you are unfamiliar with this document, more detail can be found in a previous article here… How exactly do you create a real time electronic battlespace picture? And where exactly is the battlespace? A very similar statement was made in the Project for a New American Century document ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses‘ published in September of 2000 (more about this document here and here.)

pentagon report: high-flying spy drones hobbled
pentagon report: high-flying spy drones hobbledfrom danger room: The Pentagon’s highest-flying spy drone isn’t able to “consistently” perform, even on a “limited schedule,” according to a draft Defense Department report… That is, when they can fly. According to a draft report draft repor, from the Defense Department’s Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E), the current Global Hawk models – so-called “Block 10s” – aren’t able to get into the air nearly as often as they ought to. The document was obtained by the Project on Government Oversight and provided to DANGER ROOM.

army expansion plans outlined
army expansion plans outlinedfrom ap: The Pentagon will send six new combat brigades to bases in Texas, Georgia, and Colorado in the coming years as part of an extensive plan to increase the size of the Army. As the Army moves to grow by 74,000 soldiers by 2010, officials mapped out decisions to add the combat brigades and eight support units around the country, as well an agreement to delay moving two brigades out of Germany until 2012-2013. The overall effort would cost $66.4 billion in 743 military construction projects through 2013.

nbc4 report on ‘chemtrail weather control’

from truthnews: Sure, the government is simply attempting to “mitigate” global warming by way of “geo-engineering.” As noted in the above video, a lab analysis reported high levels of barium contained in California “contrails.”

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