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police state updates: brand new/deal with it

download: the enemy belligerent,
interrogation, detention & prosecution act of 2010

the enemy belligerent, interrogation, detention & prosecution act of 2010police act swiftly after gun purchases:
odot worker on leave - mentally evaluated after buying handguns, ak-47
conspiracy fact: every major terror plot in US was contrived*
sheppard air force base on lock down*
pittsburgh police fight release of g20 records*
'jihad jane': philly woman charged with supporting terrorists*
neocon bloggers celebrate indictment of 'crazy' patsy*
cretin-derham hall on lockdown after threat*
minneapolis schools locked down after web threat*
uk parents angry over cctv in school toilets*
pacific north american regional integration & control*
USrael announces agreement to enhance joint aviation security*
department of education posts order for police shotguns*
chicago police expand taser use*
dhs wants to make your cell phone a 'smell' phone*
pentagon trains workers to hack defense computers*
obama appointing military intel official to run tsa*
official: fmr army intel officer to lead tsa*
norad exercise over nw arizona & s california on mar11*
no-fly list includes the dead*
video: plane intercepted by norad; escorted to frederick, md*

#MorningMonarchy: February 18, 2020