Police State Updates: CCTV, Census & Complaints

Beyond Orwell: The Electronic Police State, 2010*
20 signs that the US is rapidly becoming totalitarian big brother police state20 signs that the US is rapidly becoming totalitarian big brother police state*
UK schoolkids ‘routinely monitored’ by cctv*
Video: DHS unveils mobile mind screening checkpoints*
‘Minority Report’ digital billboard ‘watches consumers shop’*
Tracking electric use could allow utilities to track you, too*
DHS, industry to try fusion centers for classified data swap*
IRS cranks up hysteria in wake of Joe Stack attack*
Video: Did you get your unconstitutional census form yet?*
Census data not so confidential after all*
Mexican military copter hovers over Texas homes
Mexican military copter over US neighborhood*
Ohio keeps prisoner alive so that he can be executed*
US citizen accused in Yemen killing had been under FBI watch*
Child rape charge rocks TSA*
TSA to make full body scans mandatory at US airports*
100s in US file complaints over naked body scanners*
Run, run, the dangerous conspiracy theorists are coming*
Man wearing ‘Freedom Or Die’ t-shirt stopped at airport*
‘Freedom or death’ t-shirt described as ‘incitement to terrorism’ by airport security*
Domestic cyber terrorist sought in Poughkeepsie*
Jihad Jamie, Colorado mom is arrested in terror plot*
Video: Corporate media hypes another blond terrorist*
Some thoughts on ‘Jihad Jamie’ & ‘Jihad Jane’*
Copblock.org: standing your ground or provoking police?*
Military exercises on tap for Ft McCoy*
HR646: US preparing for civil unrest*

and finally: Meridian Naval Air Station in Miss. ready for military exercise: ‘Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield 2010’ on 3/22*
Navy commands in Hawaii to conduct anti-terror exercise next week*

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