police state updates: drills, camps, exercises & secret evidence

army national guard recruiting fema camp ‘internment specialists’*
army national guard recruiting fema camp 'internment specialists'army national guard advertises for ‘internment specialists’*
vibrant response 2009 info/rumors*
sim attacks in michigan teach soldiers what to expect in afghaniraq*
drilled: faux terrorists storm lake michigan cruise ship*
video: police, fbi hold drill exercise on downtown lakefront*
anti-terrorism training on lake michigan aug6*
police, fbi hit lake michigan for training exercise*
fbi & cpd hold counterterrorism training exercise*
operation overwatch: palm beach county, florida, holds mock terror drills*
northland, kansas is home to a fema warehouse that stands ready*
photo of combat vehicles on the streets of springfield, illinois*
terrorism drill focuses on nyc-area waters*
alleged north carolina jihadists to be tried with secret evidence*
n carolina terror suspects had arms, ammo, fbi ‘playbook,’ agent says*
oregon civil air patrol prepares for major usaf evaluated exercise*
natl guard troops may be needed in troubled alabama county*
alabama county may call troops to perform law enforcement*
possible natl guard deployment in alabama result of bankster scam*
mercenaries training US local police a new trend*
oklahoma fusion center coordinator comments on nle ’09*
australia files charges in terror probe*
video: australian police foil suicide attack on military base*
martial law under the cover of bush-era quarantine regulations*
amish farmers lose court battle against rfid*
congress proposed implanting airport workers with rfid chips*
uk govt to install surveillance cameras in private homes*
govt fines & harassment for refusal to answer intrusive survey questions*
US wiretapping of limited value, officials report*
los angeles police chief resigns to train police abroad*

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