police state updates: emergencies, subversives & private arms collections

yes, america is still in an official state of emergency*
yes, america is still in an official state of emergencyvgo back to sleep, there’s no new world order*
s. carolina now requires ‘subversives’ to register*
homeschooling german family granted US asylum*
video: eye scanner technology going to colorado police*
suspicious subjects beware – citizens on patrol*
residents fumed over weekend alcohol, firearm ban*
pennsylvania natl guard takes control of interstate highway system*
video: pittsburgh mayor calls in natl guard for police work*
video: tarpley on state dept admitting christmas bomber allowed to board flight*
christmas bomber tied to israel & fbi*
court quashes student’s terrorism conviction*
police stage burglaries on homes*
can the fbi secretly track your cell phone?*
video: paramilitary thugs steal private arms collection*
video: security guards do nothing as 15yr-old girl is beaten*

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