Police State Updates: Homeland Amerika, Contractors & Quotas

1 in 4 Germans wants microchip under skin: poll*
1 in 4 Germans wants microchip under skin: pollIris scanning for Australian Dubai visitors*
Contractors outnumber employees at homeland security*
SCOTUS eases rules for questioning suspects*
CNN poll: majority says govt a threat to citizens’ rights*
Video: Webster Tarpley on Soviet Amerika*
Military monitored planned parenthood, supremacists*
Bush admin spied on planned parenthood*
Video: Cops & judges caught using secret codes on tickets*
Video: Agencies train in Myrtle Beach to handle terrorism*
‘Suspicious substance’ at Utah IRS building was fake but the terror was real*
UK fighter jets scrambled after woman rushes flight cockpit*
Original tenant of Stack attack building was microelectronics & computer tech corp*
Widow of Stack attack victim sues widow of killer*
FBI operative Hal Turner says govt urged him to make violent statements*
4.5 swat raids per day*
Video: NYPD officer pressured to make arrests to fill quota*
Video: New Mexico state police ordered to write tickets or face punishment*
Police raid ‘never get busted’ hq, Barry Cooper arrested*
Claude Foulk, California hospital director, accused of raping kids since ’75*
Suspected Colorado school gunman participated in strange NASA-funded medical study in ’05*
Boston police sharpen their watch on crime*
UK police forces to be equipped with mobile scanners to enable identity checks in the street*

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