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police state updates: if you tolerate this your children will be next

US forest service admits putting cctv on public lands*
US forest service admits putting cctv on public landsyoo says war could be used to strike 'suspected enemies' with drones inside US*
drones may be sent soon to help with border security, napolitano says*
napolitano & mexican counterparts sign arrangements to bolster bilateral border & aviation security*
defense says ny synagogue-bomb plot was feds' idea*
synagogue bomb plot directed by federal provocateur*
video: police state 4 - the rise of fema*
elderly nyc pair familiar with 'police! open up!'*
census bureau was deeply involved in internment of japanese americans*
'urban terrorism': booby traps, threats put police on alert*
160 'community support officers' charged with crimes in uk*
idaho leads state revolt against naked body scanners*
airport device follows fliers' phones*
militarized cops swarm college in california shooter drill*
video: 'civilian' captures military training for wmd in US*
obama's nominee to oversee security at US airports favors israeli model*
nyc reaches $33m strip search settlement*
colorado 'cop program' has cab drivers helping local police*
video: cops in nj town given keys to homes*
dc metro to 'stage' more terrorism drills -
following predicted pentagon shooter bedell drills
truth has fallen & has taken liberty with it -
paul craig roberts signs off

trucks burned in possible threat to cali police*
dementia patients to be tracked by gps satellite device*
terrorists could use explosives in breast implants to crash planes*
more propaganda on breast implant bombs*
teacher 'shot dead' in school science stunt*
US taxpayers funding mexican military & incursions*
review all anti-terrorism laws, say mp's*

#PumpUpThaVolume: October 22, 2019