Police State Updates: Portland Patsy & The DHS PSA’s

‘Portland Patsy’ as impetus for rejoining terrorism task force*
'Portland Patsy' as impetus for rejoining terrorism task forceTeen arrested in Oregon car bomb plot led 2 lives*
Was FBI grooming Portland suspect for terror?*
Tension grows between Cali Muslims, FBI after informant infiltrates mosque (or: FBI plants informant in mosque to incite violence; Muslims report him to FBI)*
FBI paid ex-con $177k to entrap Muslims*
Another ‘bomb plotter’ arrested, this time in Baltimore*
al-Qaeda’s latest weapon: Poison perfume*
Video: Geraldo says recent domestic terror plots are fake*
Camden, NJ’s massive police layoffs cause concern for public safety in US ‘2nd most dangerous city’ (cache)*
House passes amnesty citizenship plan for illegal youth in ‘dream act’, but senate Dems don’t have the votes*
Video: White House speechwriter’s standup routine about TSA & defrocked priests wins prize*
Video flashback: CNN reporter on watchlist after criticizing TSA*
TSA subjects Indian ambassador to US to glass cage, enhanced groping*
Orlando airport considers dumping TSA screeners*
Fingerprint scans raise worries in North Carolina*
Man’s un-requested Verichip & associated tumor removed?*
Video: Wal-mart running public service announcement from DHS on telescreens*

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