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police state updates: recruiting, nightmarish, hysteria

job openings for spies & interrogators*
job openings for spies & interrogatorscollapse survival will be tribal:
begin recruiting now
predator drones patrol entire US-mexico border*
more than 3,000 mexican federal police fired*
mexican massacre investigator found dead*
video: body scanners at lindbergh field in san diego*
video: colorado cops using biometric iris scan tech*
video: gps tracks chicago schoolbus kids*
boss made her a sex slave, homeland security worker says*
nightmarish hospital visit capped by beating, accident victim says*
download: obama's doj puts out 'extremism terms & concepts guide'*
2 suspects on united airlines flight arrested on terror charges in amsterdam*
video: 2 men held on terrorism precrime charges as anti-muslim hysteria reaches fevered pitch*
miami airport scare caused by metal canister in luggage*
fbi paid informant in bronx synagogue bomb plot $97k, who provided terror suspects with fake bombs*

#PumpUpThaVolume: July 22, 2019