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police state updates: suffer these crimes as backlash grows

america stands on precipice of total collapse*
america stands on precipice of total collapsenational guard homeland response force coming to missouri*
security plan for canada-US border announced*
cops show marines how to take on the taliban*
large emergency response exercise to occur at kissimmee building*
video: airmen, allies train for combat at 'red flag alaska'*
US multinational air force exercise 'red flag' july 15*
false flag alert: unusual amount of put options on energy companies*
conspiracy theorists say g20 riots were an 'inside job'*
terrorists recruiting new members in US prisons*
biometric entry planned for california skate park*
suffer these crimes in oakland? don't call the cops*
op-ed: a rough lesson in civics*
court mixed on constitutionality of taking dna from arrestees*
dhs delivers job offers on pizza boxes*
usatoday: backlash grows vs full-body scanners*
video: arizona freeway speed cameras to be turned off this week*

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