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police state updates: tattle on the cattle

tsa agent steals cash from wheelchair-bound woman*
tsa agent steals cash from wheelchair-bound womantsa 'behavior detection' a $200m sham*
video: sam dodson & detroit tsa security theater*
fbi official pistole picked to head tsa*
spy agencies faulted for missing mutallab*
pakistan arrests army officer linked to times square bomb suspect*
shazad: cia false flag against pakistan*
napolitano urged to cut dhs ties with az*
new terror monitors: parking attendants*
video: arizona recruits meter maids in terror watch*
cruise industry security will tighten*
canadian fighter jets escort cathay pacific plane from hong kong into vancouver*
norad: US jets intercept ultralight plane from mexico*

man with box cutters arrested trying to board plane*
hazardous material scare shuts down liberty bell pavilion*
vermont farmer draws a line at US bid to bolster border*
unitied nations convoy sighted in pennsylvania?*
uc berkeley asking incoming students for dna*
photos reveal inside look at east austin tunnel home*
supplanting the US constitution:
war, national emergency & the 'continuity of governement'
uk to kill national id card program*

#MorningMonarchy: November 15, 2019