Police State Updates: Tattle On the Cattle

TSA agent steals cash from wheelchair-bound woman*
TSA agent steals cash from wheelchair-bound womanTSA ‘behavior detection’ a $200m sham*
Video: Sam Dodson & Detroit TSA security theater*
FBI official Pistole picked to head TSA*
Spy agencies faulted for missing Mutallab*
Pakistan arrests army officer linked to Times Square bomb suspect*
Shazad: CIA false flag against Pakistan*
Napolitano urged to cut DHS ties with AZ*
New terror monitors: parking attendants*
Video: Arizona recruits meter maids in terror watch*
Cruise industry security will tighten*
Canadian fighter jets escort Cathay Pacific plane from Hong Kong into Vancouver*
NORAD: US jets intercept ultralight plane from Mexico*
Man with box cutters arrested trying to board plane*
Hazardous material scare shuts down Liberty Bell Pavilion*
Vermont farmer draws a line at US bid to bolster border*
United Nations convoy sighted in Pennsylvania?*
UC Berkeley asking incoming students for DNA*
Photos reveal inside look at East Austin tunnel home*
Supplanting the US constitution:
War, national emergency & the ‘continuity of Government’
UK to kill national id card program*

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