Police State Updates: Terror Drills & Rehearsal of Misfortune

Huge number of disaster drills held throughout America*
huge number of disaster drills held throughout americaNational guard training for riot control, mass detentions*
Drill helps Chicago-area responders prepare for real disaster*
Video: Chicago tests CRBN response teams*
Local, state workers to drill disaster in Charleston, SC*
Seattle-based ERTI & Mariana Islands team up for 36hr terror attack drill*
Joint users interoperability communications exercise: terror drills keep Franklin, PA hospitals sharp*
Emergency personnel, military test preparedness in 3 day Reno, NV event*
Medical disaster drill being held in downtown Erie, PA*
Rapid response task force drill at Ford Park, TX*
Officials practice hurricane routes near Dallas, TX*
Video: half-full school bus, car & 18-wheeler with ‘radioactive material’ in Tyler, TX*
County disaster drill tests emergency workers in Colorado*
Massive emergency drill could lead to traffic mess near Chicago*
NC emergency response teams converge on Wilson Bay disaster drill*
Ohio emergency drill at OVU tests local agencies’ response*
Anderson-area agencies prepare for emergency drill in SC*
Santa Barbara, Cali’s Westmont to host emergency drill*
‘Disaster week” drills begin in Chicagoland*
Emergency drill at Connecticut sub base*
Emergency drill ‘patients’ taken to Vancouver, WA hospital*
Mock crash, real test in Portland, Maine*
Marathon petroleum postpones emergency drill in Washington*
Emergency drill set for at Danbury, C hospital*
Medford, or airport drill gives teams practice*
MSU drill underway for haz-mat, fire & bombs in Missouri*
NC drill tests coast guard under stress*
SWAT teams drill at Columbia College, CA*
Preparing for the worst at Michigan water plant*
ECU conducts full-scale campus shooter drill in NC*
Washington holds massive earthquake drill*
Nuclear plant emergency drill canceled after power outage in Michigan*
UW Med. center holds ‘what if’ situation drill in California*
East host’s red cross emergency drill in NY*
Bristol, CT disaster drill: exploding chemicals*
Brown printing holds large scale emergency drill in Minnesota*
Appalachian State Univ., NC holds full-scale emergency drill*
UW Madison, several agencies hold emergency response drill*
Video: Disaster drill in Providence, Rhode Island*
Video: Expedia’s Toronto office runs yearly disaster drill*
Ottawa holds g20 protest-related emergency drill*
NORAD plans exercise flights over 3 states, DC*
2nd battalion, 75th ranger regiment conducting military exercise Jun15-19*
Envelopes with white powder sent to fed buildings in Wash, Idaho & Utah*
Video: Armed couple detained outside MacDill AFB, home of CENTCOM, in Florida*
Video: Man arrested with land mine, grenades near Ft. Gordon, Georgia*
Cop punches 17yr-old girl in face, girl initially charged with assaulting cop*
Video: Seattle officer under fire for punching girl in the face*
Fox in the henhouse: Can we trust Israeli security companies?*
MSNBC in cover-up of manifestly provable population control plan*
Professor: Only ‘global governance’ can save us from a century of chaos*
Delaware DMV unveils new ‘secure ID’ cards*
Video: Memphis mayor looks south of the border for economic opportunities*

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