Police States Updates: NYCCTV, ISIS & Psycho Pig Rampage

Video: Bloomberg wants ‘Big Brother Britain’ for NYC*
Bloomberg wants 'Big Brother Britain' for NYCNYC’s Bloomberg in London to view transit CCTV*
Video: Inside NY’s CCTV HQ*
NYPD developing CCTV system that will be better than London’s*
Suspicious package in Times Square, 4 blocks closed off*
Times Square reopens following evacuation over suspicious package*
Video: Suspicious cooler had water, books; NYC looks ‘like hurt locker’*
White House denies reports of spy planes over NYC*
Faisal Shahzad: portrait of a patsy*
Holder: Pakistani Taliban behind Times Square bomber*
Pakistani Taliban behind Times Square bomb plot, officials say*
FBI executing Times Square car bomb search warrants*
Holder vows administration will use all resources to pursue Times Square suspects*
3 in custody suspected of money ties to Times Square bombing*

Homeland Security tests 360-degree video cam: ‘Imaging system for immersive surveillance’ – ISIS sees all*
Homeland Security tests 360-degree video cam: 'Imaging system for immersive surveillance' - ISIS sees allUS military trains with Ecuadorians on mounted operations*
Fighter jets training over Twin Cities*
Fighter jets take to the skies Tuesday*
NORAD to fly exercise missions over Minnesota*
Video: St. Paul high school lockdown ends*
Seattle standoff over; suspect was never home*
Video: Storm troopers raid house, kill dog in front of kids over small bag of marijuana*
Police: Bailiff shoots man during Detroit eviction*
Video: Ohio cop shoots unarmed motorcycle rider in the back*
3 men questioned, released in WV Yeager airport ‘incident’*
Obama administration exploits Miranda loophole*
US bill to link ‘terror’ to citizenship*
Video: Law would empower Hillary to revoke citizenship of whoever she deems terrorists*
Canada spies say tracking over 200 terror suspects*
Rand PDF: How serious is the threat of terrorism in the US?*
Video: CNN & the spread of homegrown terrorism*
Video: Celente says 2010 will be summer of terror*
Video: Fox asks ‘is liberal media helping terrorists?’*
Video: Los Angeles teacher calls for Mexican revolt in the US*
The NYPD tapes: inside Bed-Stuy’s 81st precinct*
Old-fashioned law enforcement stops terrorist plots as often as ‘extreme measures’*
20 signs the US is rapidly becoming totalitarian police state*
US university introduces electronic monitoring of student attendance*
UK police staff ‘hired’ out to supermarkets & universities*
Incendiary device explodes outside Florida mosque*
US airport security officers targeted in ID theft*
Video: Autistic boy accused of terroristic threats*
Audio satire: Police plan to pillage & terrify community during ‘Operation: Psycho Pig Rampage’*

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  1. Dave Avatar

    The Panopticon is here. There are already enough "security" cameras located in urban areas that I just assume that I am on a camera any time I am in a public place. Just as the surveillance of communications has a chilling effect on free speech – whether or not you are being surveilled – this has a chilling effect on what a person feels they can do in a public place.

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