#PoliceStateUpdates: Prepare for a Noisy Morning

Government Admits Naked Body Scanners Huge Waste of Money*
Government Admits Naked Body Scanners Huge Waste of MoneyHomeland Security Concedes Airport Body Scanner ‘Vulnerabilities’*
Video: TSA tried to cover up $184 million in wasteful spending*
Suspicious package delays flights at Hartsfield-Jackson as agents appeared to be joking*
Video: Geraldo Rivera was ‘manually raped’ by TSA*
Rep. King suggests administration may have misled public on bomb plot, calls for review*
Republican leader sues for being called a terrorist*
Plot Raises Questions About Airport Security*
Latest Underwear Bomber Was Actually CIA Double Agent*
CIA sacrifices valuable intelligence source to foil underwear bomb plot*
Missing words from 9/11 tribunal: CIA and big-boy pants*
Video: Arrest-Proof Yourself: An Interview with Dale C. Carson*
Video: Six year old boy suspended for sexual harassment*
Video: The state has criminalized normal childhood behaviour?*
Video: Pentagon prepares ‘Re-Education Camps’ for American citizens*
Federal Judge Blocks Obama’s Right to Impose Indefinite Detention without Trial*
Video: With the stroke of a pen, Obama makes free speech a felony*
Obama Justice Dept. Supports Citizens’ Right to Record Police*
Video: Government’s gunrunning Kingpin in hot water with Congress*
Video: Sibel Edmonds, the “Classified Woman” finally tells her story*
Military jets on Olympics exercise heard over Wycombe*
Video: Britain’s Olympic paranoia targets protests*
Jets Will Patrol Chicago on Friday*
Utah and Arizona Pass Bills to Seize Federal Land; Sioux Indians Demand the Same*
Georgia Sheriffs, Fearing Occupy Movement, Evict Family at Gunpoint*
License Plate Tracking Spreads beyond Criminal Suspects*
Few Companies Fight Patriot Act Gag Orders, FBI Admits*
Video: Russian troops to train on American soil*
Video: New Jersey town cracks down on texting while walking*
Air Force Drones Allowed to Record U.S. Citizens in U.S.*
Video: Instruments of war to be used domestically*

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