polygamist case cost texas $7m as kids go home

polygamist case cost texas $7m as kids go homefrom orange punch: As AP reports, “More than 400 children taken from a polygamist sect’s ranch two months ago began returning to the arms of their tearful parents Monday, hours after a judge bowed to a state Supreme Court ruling that the seizure was not justified.”

It’s one thing for Child Protective Services to remove a child from a household where specific abuse is alleged, quite another for it to swoop in and remove hundreds of children from their families in an entire community. The allegation in this case apparently was bogus. Polygamy is strange to most people, but the state overstepped its bounds and undermined parental rights – something that, thankfully, the Texas courts acknowledged.

CPS has far too much power and is driven by an ideology whereby the government is in control of the children, parents are guilty until proven innocent, and everything is litigated in a closed, Soviet-like court system where the rules are rigged in the favor of the government. Talk about an area in need of vast, freedom-friendly reform.

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