#PopOcculture: Bath Salts, Big Ben, Benefits and More

‘#CausewayCannibal’ Not High On Bath Salts, Just Marijuana*
'#CausewayCannibal' Not High On Bath Salts, Just MarijuanaFear not: Emergency agencies train for the zombie apocalypse*
Zynga directs popsicle-dispensing zombie hordes to SF, NYC*
Rate of Killings Rises 38 Percent in Chicago in 2012*
What’s behind Chicago’s high murder rate*
Wales ‘psychic’ guilty of tricking young women into sex acts*
Beast of Blenheim cries to judge*
Activists Working to Reinvigorate Campaign Against LRA*
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men arrested for Hitler Holocaust graffiti*
Rabbis Work Out Truce Between Missing Millionaire’s Feuding Mom, Wife*
‘Marijuana changed us from Nazis to peace-loving hippies’*
Stonehenge Was A Monument To Tribal Unification, Say Researchers*
Big Ben to be renamed Elizabeth Tower in honor of queen*
Tax-Exempt Churches Plan to Engage in Illegal Electioneering*
Scientology Plays Denver’s Police Chief Like a Violin*
Will Smith, Robin Thicke, Will.i.am Attend Scientology Benefit*
#TwilightLanguage: Fires of the Great Spirit*
#TwilightLanguage: Eiffel Tower Suicide*
#TwilightLanguage‬: Frank Lloyd Wright and Synchromysticism*
U.S. High Court Rules It’s Not Their Cross to Bear . . . for Now*
Diocese of Orange Cty, CA settles clergy abuse case for $2 million on eve of trial*
Archdiocese removes, reports priest accused in abuse*
Priest’s conviction is a first, will more follow?*
Not to be confused with #WilliamJLynnIII http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_J._Lynn_III Former #Raytheon/Deputy #DoD Sec, should be charged with adult endangerment…*
Video: Vatican Hires Fox News Correspondent as Media Adviser*

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