#PopOcculture: Cosmic, Creepy, Cults and More

“When you see Jerusalem surrounded by army camps, then know that its destruction is near” – Luke 21:20*
“When you see Jerusalem surrounded by army camps, then know that its destruction is nearTwo possible pyramid complexes might have been found in Egypt, according to a Google Earth satellite imagery survey*
Understanding Aurora As A Synchromystic Fortean*
Aurora’s Second Man?*
Did James Holmes Call Diggity Dave?*
Predicting Aurora*
Aurora’s Arsonist*
Loughner & Mars*
Red Dawn 2012*
Sikh Temple Shooter: First News*
Contagious Killer Copycats*
Romney’s Red Dawn? Actually Not!*
Secret Sun Seen*
Lo! Paul Ryan: Janesville, Gators, White Buffaloes…*
Synchrocinematic Willy Wonka Director Dies*
New Red Dawn Redux*
College Station + Mosque Shootings*
FRC Shooting: Suspect Identified*
Olympics: Illuminati vs Cosmic Joker*
Munich: 40 Years Ago*
Police say gunman in deadly shootout near #Texas A&M was killed by responding officers; (just like the #Sikh shooter?)*
Video: Media coverage of Sikh Temple shooting locked-in to an ‘official’ storyline*
Joan Rivers to #ADL: #STFU! – “Germany is where banning books started, and it can start here”*
Joan Rivers’ voodoo priestess friend describes haunting of Joan’s house*
NBC pulls ‘creepy’ Olympics ‘Bodies In Motion’ video after backlash “softcore, fetishist slow-motion…porn-tastic jazz” *
Using genealogy, Mormons baptize spirits of dead*
Court Says Utah Must Pay Millions to Polygamist Trust Fund*
U.S. donors like Romney made Mormon church wealthy*
Evangelicals big part of Tea Party success*
Germany refocuses on neo-Nazi threat*
Abuse Probe Follows Discovery of Underground Cult*
Glimpse into underground sect that shocked Russia*
Parents who believe in miracles ‘torturing’ dying children, doctors warn*
Unification Church founder Rev. Moon in critical condition*
93yr-old Billy Graham in NC hospital with bronchitis*
#Audio #Satire: Christian Porn Film Climaxes With Birth Of Child*

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