#PopOcculture: Drowning In the Waves

#TitanicMemes: Human Remains Possibly Found in #Titanic Shipwreck*

#TitanicMemes: Human Remains Possibly Found in #Titanic Shipwreck

PDF: Women More Likely to Die in Ship Disasters than Men*
Video: San Francisco Yacht Accident –
Coast Guard Calls Off Search For Missing Racers
Killer swan blamed for man’s drowning*
Police probe ‘killer’ python in urban Japan*
Update: Small plane sinks into Gulf; no sign of pilot*
Video: Divers Search Pond for Missing Soldier in Fayetteville, NC*

Other #PopOcculture Updates:
Trayvon Martin murder case judge bows out*
Loughner attorneys appeal forced meds to 9th Circuit*
Family says house is haunted, sues landlord*
New NYC search of basement for remains of 6-year-old boy who vanished 33 years ago*
Swedish town rocked by second child exorcism*
Top Twenty Twilight Language Theorists*

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