#PopOcculture: Flesh Pills, Kennedy Curse, Ivens Search and more

Chinese Cannibalism of Infant Flesh Outrages the World*
Chinese Cannibalism of Infant Flesh Outrages the WorldSouth Korea cracks down on baby flesh pills*
Video: Chinese Drug Capsules Made With Dead Baby Flesh*
Killer/Kidnapper Kills Self As Cops Close In: “GUNTOWN, MS*
Kidnap-slaying suspect kills himself; 2 girls OK*
Trauma experts help question girls in murder, abduction case*
FBI Fills Last Spot on 10 Most Wanted List…and He Lasts 1 Day*
Suspect’s wife, mother charged in slaying of Tennessee mom, daughter*
Jury convicts #Balfour of murdering actress Hudson’s family*
Questions remain after nearly 200 pages of documents released in Trayvon Martin shooting case*
Review of Sci-fi Psychological Drama ‘Sound Of My Voice’*
‘Sound Of My Voice’ examines the inner workings of a cult*
The Hidden Symbolic Meaning of the Movie ‘2012’*
Modern Exorcist tackles demons head on*
Unbelievable Brutality Unleashed on Kids in For-Profit Prisons*
More arrested in Florida hate crime, conspiracy case*
Groom’s body found at Kentucky Derby track*
Arcadius dies after winning $150,000 race*
Spooked horse swims two miles offshore*
Man sets himself on fire outside Breivik trial*
Pastor says that God wants Christians to vote for Ron Paul*
Following pastor’s warning to ‘take a stand against Satan,’
almost 14,000 Christians pledge to vote for Jesus as president
Twilight Language: Kennedy Curse Again:
Mary Richardson Kennedy, estranged wife of RFK Jr., hangs herself;
Suicide adds to history of Kennedy family misfortunes
Name Game: FBI searches for missing agent Ivens, believed suicidal*
Video: Bizarre manhunt for armed and suicidal FBI agent*

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