#PopOcculture: Horses, Hoaxes, Richest Rabbis and More

Prometheus, Cannibals and the Fayette Factor*
Fayette Factor {Enhanced}*
3 Dead in Auburn University Shootings – A third current player is also injured, expected to survive*
Auburn Shooting Suspect Denied Bail, Could Face Death Penalty*
4 Dead in Sacramento Home Attack – Gang members involved in possible home invasion*
Nationwide manhunt for Buffalo trauma surgeon (and former military weapons expert) Dr. Timothy Jorden*
Update: Body of surgeon sought in hospital killing found
Canadian Cannibal Luke Magnotta: American Psycho Copycat?*
The Religious Right Turns 33: What Have We Learned?*
Atlanta megachurch leader Creflo Dollar punched and choked daughter, police say*
Creflo Dollar’s Prosperity Gospel finds followers and critics*
Westboro Baptist Church protests Billy Graham*
Jury deliberates Philly priest-abuse case 7th day*
‘Dead’ Brazilian boy wakes up at own funeral, asks for water before lying back down lifeless*
Victims In Psychic-Inspired Hoax Sue Texas Police*
Nazis Left to Thrive in Parts of Eastern Germany*
11 infants contracted herpes due to controversial Jewish circumcision practice*
Forbes Ranks Richest Rabbis in Israel*
New information reveals most Israeli charities exempt from disclosing donors*
NYC principal bars students from singing ‘God Bless the USA’ at graduation*
Will Ku Klux Klan be Allowed to Adopt a Highway in Georgia?*
Georgia rejects Ku Klux Klan bid to ‘adopt’ highway*

And now, a horse meme emerges…
Pennsylvania State Police Play Cowboy After Horse Wanders Onto Mon-Fayette Expressway*

2 malnourished horses found apparently abandoned in residential north Philly neighborhood*
Trailer snaps in half on Tennessee’s I-440W; 1 horse euthanized*
Major Veterinary Groups Call for Ban on Action Devices, Performance Packages in Tennessee Walking Horse Industry*
Horse slaughter allegations at Florida farms; residents complain of disturbing sounds* Creepy Horse Head Subway Video Probably Viral Marketing Or Something*
Ann Romney’s Horse Comes in Third in Olympic Qualifying Event*
Mexican drug money’s ties to US horse racing probed*

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