#PopOcculture: Inspiring Message and Toxic Super-Freakouts

20 Signs of Complete Collapse of Common Sense In America*

Twice This Month, Flight Officials Freaked Out on a Plane, Irrationally Rambling About 9/11, Crashing, Bombs, Al Qaida, and Telling Passengers to Say Their Prayers, “We’re Going to Crash” *
Twilight Language: Flight 191s Bad Luck? / March 30th Cursed?*
Disturbing video by Toulouse gunman emerges*
AL-Jazerra Has Video of French School Massacre*
Al Jazeera not to show video of French attacks*
2nd lawyer in Vegas homeowner assoc. scandal found dead*
Sexual Abuse Case Clouds The Pope’s Visit to Mexico*
Ruling expected next week in KC bishop’s case*
Ex-Alabama Justice Who Lost Ten Commandments Fight May Be on Verge of Comeback*
New York city schools ban loaded words from tests*
Full Cast Announced as "The Occult" Begins Production*
Survey finds that 33 is the happiest age of people's lives*
Speculations on the origins of the Disney Haunted Mansion organist and hitchhiking ghosts*
Twilight Language: Ritual America*
Video: "Ritual America" Trailer - New Feral House release!*

#PumpUpThaVolume: July 30, 2021